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Interesting new Wisconsin finds
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Author:  Bernie [ Sat Sep 12, 2009 8:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Interesting new Wisconsin finds

I thought I would list some observations from the large number of WI obsoletes from the collection of Krause in Stack’s 09/23/09 auction here:

1. Most of the proofs are the ones listed in the 1988 Haxby volume, with many being the Haxby (1988) and/or Krause (1994) plate notes.

2. Fewer proofs are from the 1990 Christies’ auction, mostly the sheets.

3. Even fewer proofs are not listed in either Haxby or Christies.

4. Most of the obsoletes in Haxby for WI are proofs. Very few are issued or even remainder notes. This seems to be different for the other states.

5. The proofs came from the following sources:
a. Archives of the American Bank Note Company
b. Archives of the British American Bank Note Company
c. Ralph Goldstone
d. John J. Ford, Jr.
e. Schingoethe
f. Lawrence R. Stack
g. Reference Collection of Q. David Bowers
h. Roger H. Durand Collection
i. James Bookbinder
j. D.C. Wismer Estate
k. Herman Halpern & Gerald O. Warner Collections
l. Grover Criswell
m. Cliff Manthee
n. The Wellstood Album Collection, and of course
o. The Chester L. Krause Collection.

6. Many of the Haxby (and Krause) plate notes came from the “Chester L. Krause Collection; James Bookbinder; D.C. Wismer Estate.”

7. Most of the issued notes, remainders, and “Archival Specimens” are listed as just coming from the Chester L. Krause Collection.

8. Many of the “Archival Specimens” came from Del Bertschy and from Cliff Manthee.

9. Some of the “Archival Specimens” came from the “Chester L. Krause Collection; James Bookbinder; D.C. Wismer Estate.”

10. Some of the “Archival Specimens” have non-00000 serial numbers:
a. lot 2135 looks different (POCs) from the Haxby plate note but has the same serial number of 31800A?
b. lot 2137 is the Haxby plate note with serial number 2226 and the same placement of the POC’s. Haxby calls this a remainder. Likewise for lot 2192 and 2201, 2202.
c. Specimens usually don’t have non-00000 serial numbers.

11. Krause does not mention proofs in his book. This is contrary to others like Wolka who has separate reference numbers for the proofs. Krause’s rarity scales must include the proofs from the Christie auction.

12. Some “Archival Specimens” were sold previously by Heritage as remainders.

13. Some “Archival Specimens” were marked as proofs by PMG.

14. How come Wisconsin (and especially the Krause collection) has so many “Archival Specimens?”

So what are these “Archival Specimens” and who created them??

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